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Smart Cooker

Detail Specifications:

  • Model : VMC7 – FZ58
  • Net Weight : 4,1 kg
  • Controller Type : Digital
  • Heating power : 500W
  • Heating power : 50W
  • Voltage / Frequency : 220V / 50Hz
  • Power Cord: SNI 3 × 0.75 mm2 IEC 53 (by grounding) length of 1.5 m; SNI TKG01 16A 250V plug.
  • Innerpot (Panci) : 1.8 mm aluminum base with coating Ceramic.
  • Innerpot Capacity : 1.8 L Max (12 cup glass measure).
  • Bonus Accessories : Steamer / steamer, glass Size of Rice, Rice Spoon.
  • Certification : Food Grade, CB Scheme

User Manual

10 in 1 Multi Function:

  • Preset: Cooking rice with the delay set time, you can set the time of maturation of the rice as you wish.
  • Fastcook: Rapid cooking rice (~ 10 minutes cook in the appeal function).
  • Cook: Cook the rice with a fluffier texture.
  • Steam: Function steamer (vegetables, cakes, meat, etc.).
  • Crust: Make food that has brown based or hard parts such as skin martabak or kebabs.
  • Reheat: reheate cooled rice return to fluffier as it freshly baked.
  • Bake: Make various types of cakes.
  • Stew: The function of slow cooking, foods that require long heating time, but with low heat to allow the flavors / flavor can be permeated with such a perfect warm or soup (thick sauce).
  • Soup: Make soup (a thick sauce/ nodes).
  • Keep warm: automatic feature warm cooked food after cooking.


  • The LCD panel: at the top and use the touch buttons making it easy to use and be seen
  • System controller: using a digital microcomputer
  • Body: made of stainless steel that is stronger and anti-rust
  • Heating System: 3D heating system and an automatic heating system to maintain the nutritional content
  • Design: Futuristic and user friendly
  • Food Grade: Food Grade Meets International Standards, Certification by Chemical Center of Indonesia’s industry

Steam outlet and cover is new design of Smart Cooker (New) Vienta

SNI electrical wiring and grounding Smart Cooker (New) Vienta

Smart Buffer spoon rice Cooker (New) Vienta

Innerpot Ceramic Smart Cooker Vienta

Product warranty period is for 24 months and free repair service during usage.


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