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Smart Cooker

Detail Specifications:

  • Model: VMC6 – Y32
  • Controller Type: Digital
  • Heating power: 450W
  • Heating power: 45W
  • Voltage / Frequency: 220V / 50Hz
  • Innerpot (Pots): 1.5mm aluminum base with double-stick coating Whitford.
  • Capacity: Max 1.8L (12 cup glass measure).
  • Bonus Accessories: Steamer, Glass Size of Rice, Rice Spoon.
  • Warranty: Power Board, Control Board, LCD and Sensors (24 months).

User ManualCare Tips

9 in 1 Multi Function:

  • Preset: Cooking with a set time delay, you can set the time ripe as you wish.
  • Cook: Cook the rice with a fluffier texture.
  • Fastcook: Cooking rice with the fast (+ 10 minutes more quickly mature in the appeal function of cook).
  • Bake: Make various types of cakes.
  • Soup: Making Soup.
  • Steam: Function steamer.
  • Reheat: Warms again to the cooled rice fluffier back as when freshly baked.
  • Keep warm: Keep rice warm up to max 24 hours.
  • Porridge: Porridge Making.


  • Futuristic Design, Blue LCD backlight display with soft touch buttons, Digitally microcomputer controlled, stainless steel body, Self-opening the upper cover.
  • Food Grade: Food Grade Meets International Standards, Certification by the Chemical Laboratory Center of Indonesia’s Ministry of Industry

Product warranty period is for 24 months and free repair service during usage.


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